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This site is dedicated to the descendants and ancestors of James Franklin Morris (1882-1971) and Emma Aline Johnson (1887-1961) on our maternal side. And on the paternal side to the descendants and ancestors of Peter David O'Hern (1807-1874) and Rachel Hollingsworth Mary Waddell (1813-1896). Our families can be described as true Americans, in that to date I have discovered no direct line ancestor who emigrated from the United Kingdom/Europe after 1776. The focal O'Hern and Morris families settled mostly in Southwest Georgia, in and around Talbot, Marion, Webster, and Chattahoochee counties. Research on the O'Hern lines was greatly aided by the efforts of Candice O'Hern (Childrey) and William Denver O'Hern (1907-1979).

The site also includes my wife's families, i.e. Marion Ann (Warrick). Primarily these are the Pope and Warrick lines from Old Windsor, Caversham and Reading, Berkshire/south Oxfordshire, England; there are many family members in New Zealand. Also included are Freeman families from the Wallingford area of Oxfordshire and Middletons in the Buckinghamshire area (note: no connection to Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge). I would like to thank Claire Mathews, David Broad, Neil Smith, and Mary Warwick for their excellent work on these lines.  

Information with regard to the Wardlaw Lines i.e. our maternal great-grandmother Susan Clara Wardlaw (descendents of Robert Wardlaw who immigrated from Scotland circa 1700) was greatly aided by the work of Diane Wardlaw author of several books on the Wardlaw lines! The Wardlaw Clan Society! "Genealogy of the Wardlaw Family"; Joseph G. Wardlaw; York, S.C. Oct 1929! "Greenwood County Sketches"; Margaret Watson; Attic Press, Inc. Greenwood, S.C. 1982! and "Forty-sixth Annual WYATT REUNION Combined with Allied and Associated Families"; Greenville Presbyterian Church; Donalds, S.C. Compiled by Leonardo Andrea; 15 June 1952 (where many of our Wardlaw ancestors rest).

If there are any comments or noted errors with regard to the content, please contact me. Please treat the information here with respect. However, it is a secondary source and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all secondary sources and/or family legends. In same cases it has been necessary to use circumstantial evidence; this was not done lightly and only if there were multiple supportive points of conjecture. I accept full responsibility for any errors in the information. I believe a clarification is in order with much of the O'Hern Family Trees found on Ancestry.com, i.e. frequently Peter David O'Hern (1888-1974) is confused with his Great Grandfather Peter David O'Hern (1807-1874). Also to date I have been unable to establish the parents of Peter David O'Hern, however assumptions that he is of Irish descent should be treated with scepticism. 

If you have any technical comments please contact my brother Jay through this web-site as he is the web-master.

This website is a work in progress check back frequently for updates.

Thank you for visiting this site.

Fred H O’Hern, Jr. (21 January 2015)

Jay M. O'Hern (Webmaster)

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